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A managed portfolio designed to rank on Google

Portfolios on have been coded to exactly conform with Google's Quality guidelines. We manage all the image editing and content writing. We benchmark the traffic against your existing website. Our 1st goal is to get more traffic than existing. 2nd goal is double the existing.

Researched and keyword rich short-form content that ranks.

We write keyword-optimized short-form content to show in search engines. A strong driver of traffic is answering the public's questions via a FAQ. Dump whatever information you have, and we turn it into organic content.


What gets you found

Google Quality Guidelines

We don't just guess how Google works - we take it from the horse's mouth so to speak. is built based on Google's Quality Guidelines.

Keyword Planning

Ranking on Google doesn't happen by accident. We strategically use keywords in your public portfolio, and structure the content to help steer the Google crawler to relevant information

FAQ section

Google has a strong focus on answering questions, so by putting the questions that people are asking, you show up in the results.

Short-form Content

Dump whatever information you have, and we'll turn it onto keyword-optimized content. Search engines are looking for the answer to people's problems. The formats can be direct Q&A, articles, reviews, events, products, and more...

Image meta information

The Google crawler can't see - it's a robot. It determines relevancy through text and user feedback like click rates. The coding side allows attaching keyword tags to the images to 'paint the picture' of what's happening.


A part of Google guidelines is accessibility, meaning designing the site for people with visual and hearing disabilities. For example, a visually impaired person will require larger fonts and high contrasting color palette. These facilities are favored by Google.

HTML Semantics

This one is coding-related, but modern website code has tags that give the content context. For example: ARTICLE. Google advises this to help the crawler find the most relevant results.

Market research

We look for market gaps in the search results. The best keywords to target are underserved by existing website results.

Domain Authority

Our domain is stronger than yours (higher traffic), so leverage off that to get seen faster and easier.

How it looks

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Chadvee Appanah, Canada

Copywriting, Vancouver, Marketing, Freelancer, Copy

How this strategy performs

Traffic from past projects

Before launching this service, I created and ranked multiple sites in high positions on Google.

traffic report
Marketing software affiliate

61,923 clicks

Ranks #1 on Google for "reclick core"

traffic report
Web development

38,163 clicks

Ranks #1 on Google for "Cardano Dapps"

traffic report
Forex trading
(changed to recently)

23,784 clicks

Ranks #5 on Google for "FTMO strategies"

traffic report

1,489 clicks

Ranks #3 to #7 on Google for "Dapp Templates"


Weekly Plans

There are no minimum terms - it can be cancelled any time.

It generally takes at least a month to start seeing results as Google is fairly slow to index new content. Organic traffic is by far the best though as it's recurring monthly. It's worth that little extra patience.

First 50 clicks


Public portfolio site
Keyword/Market research.
Short form content writing.
Portfolio image editing.
Unlimited traffic
Monthly Blog writing
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Public portfolio site
Keyword/Market research.
Short form content writing.
Portfolio image editing.
Unlimited traffic.
Monthly Blog writing